ShipStore Debuts the Beacon

A quick blip, then off to bed. Much news. Plenty. Busier than a hive full of bumblebees. But nicer.

First of all, snowed like hell this weekend. Two feet of fluffy white stuff in about 24 hours. They’d told us we’d miss the snow. Or it would miss us. Then they said 1″-4″ which they later upgraded to 4″-6″ but we got slam-oed anyway, meteorologists be damned! And now we’ve enjoyed two splendid sunshine-y days. Snow’s intact. Air’s cold. The world’s a beautiful, happy place. For now.

In other good news, got the first every Beacon out on Sunday. Pretty impressive response too. Hoping it continues to be more positive than negative feedback, though both kinds will help us figure out what we need to improve upon. And eBay auction numero uno for the Psion Revo™ is wrapped up. Sold as well or better than I had hoped, and payment has been quickly wrapped up. Now it’s my turn to ship out the goods. And several more auctions wrapping up soon… Good night, world.