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“But what’s the strategy? The site has to have a strategy,” she insisted, looking at me with that sarcastic smirk that flashed, I KNOW YOU’RE KIDDING.

She thought I was putting her on. I wasn’t. No strategy. Just a graffiti wall for me and anyone else who might stumble across it, need it, be coerced to visit,… So, what’s the story then? What’s the rationale behind virtualDavis? Why have I squandered my time on this site? Several reasons.

The first is, I’m taking a little sabbatical from teaching to try to start up a cool venture I’ll refer to as The Margaux Project for now, and to try to finish the novel that I’ve failed to finish for the last seven years. In the last several years I’ve developed lots of web applications for my students and my colleagues, and I wanted to take some of it with me when I left, so one logical solution was to migrate the desired content onto my own domain.

The second is that I’m pretty fascinated with the web as a storytelling medium. And I wanted to keep exploring some of the ideas from a narrative craft class I teach called Storytelling in the Digital Age. And since having your own site is like throwing your own party, I can do what I want to, right?

Also, since I live a relatively itinerant existence, a personal web site gives a central, easy contact point for anybody who needs me. And a place for me to expose the unsuspecting visitor to some of my writing…

As for the “technical specifications”, virtualDavis went live in the winter of 2001-2002 while I was still teaching in Paris. It was created in Microsoft FrontPage but is currently being converted to Drupal. Most of the images have been processed through Adobe Photoshop. The oldest photos were taken with a last-generation Sony Mavica; newer images were shot with a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F707, a real dream of a machine; and the newest photographs are being shot with my Nikon D-200 which is so snazzy it defies description! That’s about all that belongs in here. Of course, I might add in a CV at some point, or my blood type and medical history… Some day. Not this day.

Updates: October 12, 2002 Not going to add the CV, blood type or medical history yet, but there’s some news. I’ve shifted the site around a bit to accommodate new needs… If you want more information, check out the bio section or contact me.

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