A Magnificent Day to Play

Another absolutely sublime morning. I awoke in the midst of a snowstorm, as if someone had upended a vast container full of the lightest, whitest down. As I drank my tea and set up some more eBay auctions, the snow ceased and the sun burst out. Almost an hour later, the ground is covered in fluffy white snow and the sky is blue. This magnificent weather reminds me of my winters in the Southwest. It would snow hard and fast, then the clouds would vanish, leaving a magnificent day to play in the snow and sun…

So today I’ve worked on getting some software listed. It’s funny, as I finally get around to listing all of the things that I’ve unpacked from Paris and no longer need, I’m getting more and more motivated to really “clean house”. There’s just so much I need to get rid of, and eBay may just be the perfect virtual-yard-sale-venue for me to do it. We’ll just have to wait and see how it goes. I’m getting the hang of listing, doing it all in HTML to avoid using the rather rudimentary template eBay provides. But it still is not such a quick process. Actually, the listing is pretty quick, but the content creation takes some time. Perhaps just a bit more dull to do it for software, but some of the future items will be more fun to write about, I imagine.

So what’re the latest listings? Four software programs:

  • Encyclopédie Hachette des Vins de France 2000 Multimedia CD-Rom
  • Universal Translator Standard Edition CD-Rom for PC
  • Easy Language 17 Language Edition PC/MAC Compatible CD-ROM
  • Teacher’s Toolbox Deluxe by AbleSoft PC/MAC Compatible CD-ROM

Okay. Enough procrastination. Back to work on the newsletter, then out to enjoy the splendid day.