MacSpeech Scribe Enables Speech-to-Text from Digital Recordings


After using Dragon NaturallySpeaking on my PC for years, I was pleased to discover that Nuance was buying MacSpeech. This evolution was one of the final motivators to switch from PC to Mac this fall/winter. Of my two concerns, newly released MacSpeech Scribe solves a big one: transcribing digital voice files to text. This is key for those of us who dictate on-the-go into a handheld device and dump the files into our computer later for transcription. So big plaudits to Nuance for catching MacSpeech up in this regard. The remaining concern is that I’d like to be able to import the vocabulary/pronunciation data that I’ve amassed over the years with Dragon NaturallySpeaking into MacSpeech rather than teaching it from scratch. No matter how much Nuance brags about 99% speech recognition, long-term users know how important this data is. Bottom line, the software becomes more and more valuable the longer you use it, recognizing words and pronunciation better with each new correction you make. But as far as I can tell, MacSpeech Scribe still doesn’t allow me to do this. Is Nuance working on an upgrade that will make this possible? Should I give up home and start from scratch with MacSpeech?

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