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Good Bye, New York City

A whirlwind return to the Big Apple to start packing up and moving on… With only a couple of weeks remaining before the closing, it’s time to make our home a movable nest for a while. Congratulations to Nikki Field, our excellent real estate agent, for finding the perfect buyer and for donating a portion of her commission to Hamilton College. It’s been a pleasure working with her and her assistant over the last year. Looking forward, we’re lining up a moving company to schlep our belongings north to our still-not-complete new home on Lake Champlain. Per the recommendation of our real estate agency, we’re leaning towards Padded Wagon. Seems like life has involved an awful lot of moving companies over my last decade or so. Time to settle down and stay put for a while. Until the wanderlust returns, at least… We’ve also been running some “furnishing errands” including hunting for rugs. And gobbling up sushi which is considerably less abundant in the North Country. Enjoying our final time in this beautiful apartment, but feeling very confident that the move is a great decision. I’ll update you once we’ve handed over the keys.

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