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Fort Apache Trailer

Fantastic news from Addison Mehr and the Fort Apache team. Film editing is in the final stretch, trailers out (and slick, slick, slick) and their reaching out to film festivals looking for opportunities to share their finished work. So proud!

Here’s the Fort Apache news:

I am thrilled to announce we have a picture lock for FORT APACHE… It’s been a wild ride and over a year in the making… We have been deep in post production for the last couple months working with the amazing editor Joanna Naugle and were able to do our sound design at C5 the leading audio post-production facility in New York. (HUGO, Life of Pi) We are still finalizing color correction and sound but we hope to roll out with the finished film… by Mid-March. We will keep you updated on screenings… in February or March… and we hope you enjoy the teaser! (Kickstarter)

Congratulations, Addison Mehr. Great trailer. Now we’re ready for the big screen!

Fort Apache: The Story

Not to be mistaken for the Fort Apache (1948) directed by John Ford and starring John Wayne, Henry Fonda and Shirley Temple, Addison Mehr’s Fort Apache is a coming of age story based upon the short story by Alan Heathcock.

Fort Apache” is the story of Walt Freely, a fourteen year old who lives in the small town of Krafton, and is emerging out of the naive world of children and into the savage world of adults, a world of indifference, sexuality, and destruction. (

Fort Apache Predecessors

If you can’t stand waiting another minute for Fort Apache to open in a theater near you, there are a couple of online videos by Addison Mehr that you can enjoy in the mean time.

  • Firecracker! “A vibrant tale about star-crossed lovers and their eccentric families… dominated by hyperbolic storytelling riffing off the timeless feel of early 1900’s silent films and the mad style of Guy Maddin.” (16mm, Sight and Sound Project. NYU Tisch 2010)
  • A Sociological Guide to the Adirondacks Described as a “short short film”, Addison Mehr’s video collage juxtaposes multiple images from the Adirondacks’ Champlain Valley, set to a driving rock rhythm. And it’s short!

Addison Mehr’s Fort Apache

With five days to go, Addison Mehr is soooo close to meeting his $15k goal to direct and produce Fort Apache. This is a thrilling opportunity to support an Adirondack artist with smarts, vision and follow-through. And did I mention he’s one heck of a swell guy? Show him you’re rooting for him, and he’ll dazzle you with cinematographic magic!

“Addison is an emerging filmmaker born and raised in the Adirondacks. His short film “FIRECRACKER!” was selected for NYU’s Showcase and screened at the Lake Placid Film Festival. Addison has worked on music videos for MGMT, Devendra Banhart, Norah Jones, and Wyclef Jean as well as working for Martin Scorsese. Currently, Addison is a senior at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and is dedicated to developing films that are unique, challenging, and promote change in our world.” (Kickstarter)

Fort Apache Preview

Here’s Addison’s Kickstarter video for Fort Apache:

Fort Apache Director’s Statement

I grew up in a really small town where the nearest movie theatre was over an hour away. For me, film has always been an escape- a way out, a way to transport myself into another world, and ultimately a way for me to reflect back on myself and make sense of the world around me.

While Fort Apache is a coming of age story, it’s also a story about injustice, social inequality, and the universal struggle to find your place. To me, the story is about pushing against boundaries and dealing with the frustrations, bitter disappointments, and ultimate realizations of growing up. It’s about escape and the deep desire to transcend ones place and time. By shooting in the places I grew up in I hope to bring the highest level of authenticity to the story while visualizing it to its full potential. ~ Addison Mehr (Kickstarter)

Help Fund Fort Apache

Addison Mehr is a personal friend, so I am biased, but he’s also a gifted and insanely focused/disciplined young artist. I am 100% confident that he will help shape the next chapter of movie making. This is your opportunity to propel Meh’s career forward, but it’s also a chance to connect before he’s out of reach! Please consider supporting Fort Apache. Thank you.

Fort Apache Update

Fort Apache is funded! They’ve sailed past their $15k goal with $17,115 pledged. Thank you for your support, and good luck, Addison.

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