StoryKit Digital Storytelling Application

StoryKit digital story app (Credit: The Tech Savvy Educator)

I got really really excited about an application I recently downloaded for the iPod Touch, and wanted to share a short preview, nothing too fancy. I’ve been coordinating my buildings efforts to pilot some iPod Touches, leading up to an eventual full classroom trial this fall, but in the meantime, we’re figuring out where these little devices might be useful in the classroom. Lots of people decry the use of the iPod since it’s primarly a consumption device, but there are some decent publication and creation applications as well, including StoryKit, a completely FREE digital story creation application! (The Tech Savvy Educator)

Ben Rimes’ video preview of StoryKit for the iPod Touch is yet another indication that digital storytelling has become mainstream, and that tools will continue to emerge that simplify the creation and sharing of digital stories. Although this app looks pretty basic, it’s user-friendly and free! I suspect that digital storytelling will be the next PowerPoint!

Read the full blog post at The Tech Savvy Educator.

2 Comments to “StoryKit Digital Storytelling Application”

  1. Ben says:

    I hope that digital storytelling is something better than the next PowerPoint :)

    Thanks for the nod to my post, StoryKit is a really simplistic app, but the fact that it’s free and easy makes it a must for anyone looking to explore the digital medium.

  2. virtualDavis says:

    Greetings, Ben. Thanks for stopping by and adding your PowerPoint perspective. I suspect we share a disdain for the overused presentation software, but my comment had more to do with its ubiquity. I suspect that in short order digital storytelling (in all its infinite diversity) will be the standard way to present. I suspect that StoryKit will remain a minor contender, but the rapid emergence of new user-friendly, often free or at least affordable digital storytelling tools is super exciting!

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