Story Circle: Digital Story around the World

The idea of creativity clusters has been around since the beginning of time.  Anything that works this well is worth noting!  Usually linked to the high-tech cluster in Silicon Valley, a creativity cluster is simply a collection of people in a high-performance environment that maximizes creative output. Building a cluster using digital technology and storywork is a powerful combination.

Story Circle is the first collection developed to track the digital storytelling movement around the world.   Exploring the digital landscape – consumer-generated content, memory grids, micro-documentaries, this book highlights who is doing what and where.  Following Joe Lambert‘s original version of digital storytelling as ‘knowing in practice’, Story Circle collects and describes digital projects in social, educational, activist and community contexts.  Great resource! (via

I’ve just ordered Story Circle: Digital Storytelling Around the World and I’m looking forward to plunging in. Will update you all soon!

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