Writer’s Digest Conference 2012, Sunday

Take a skinny dip in the data stream from the last day of the Writer’s Digest Conference 2012 (WDC12). After the intensity of the last two inspiring days, most attendees are simultaneously exhausted and sad to go. The energy, connections, and cross pollination at WDC is infectious, so saying good bye to new and old friends is tough. Back to the garret! But with a band of new co-conspirators.

The interwebs are perenially in beta, and this mashup is no exception. In the days and weeks ahead, I know that conferees will create excellent conference-inspired posts on their blogs, etc. Please help me curate this archive by contributing your favorite digital artifacts and I’ll add them in. Let me know what I’ve overlooked and I’ll credit you with gold stars. Or something! Thanks.

Read the mashup on storify…

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