Tile? Mandala? It’s The Doodle Daily!

Tile pattern? Sacred mandala? (credit @thedoodledaily)

Tile pattern? Sacred mandala? (credit @thedoodledaily)

“Every now and then when I’m on the phone I grab a post-it rather than a sheet of paper and while solving some acute problem, whip one of these up.” ~ Warren (The Doodle Daily)

Warren at The Doodle Daily shared a new batch of post-it doodles and this one was my favorite. Looks like an antique Portuguese tile. I instantly fantasized a Southwestern bathroom designed with these around a sunken tub, beneath a wall of glass overlooking the Sangre de Christo Mountains. And then I flashed back to amazing tiles we saw during our Splendors of Sacred India a year ago. And then even further back to Lisbon, Portugal in the autumn of 1999. How sad to see once magnificent buildings stripped of their famous tiles, stripped because they were more valuable for resale than as architecture and heritage.

The power of an image. The power of a doodle! Thanks to Warren (@thedoodledaily) for The Doodle Daily.

4 Comments to “Tile? Mandala? It’s The Doodle Daily!”

  1. Warren says:

    Thanks for the mention, I have been working on an entire post-it mosaic tile spread. I have over 100 post-it doodles, now all I need is to lay them out. So glad that this image brought back memories for you.

    Warren (The Doodle Daily)

  2. virtualDavis says:

    Welcome, Warren. Appreciate the update and look forward to seeing it! Soon?

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