Is It Really 2009?!?!

Feelings exuberant as I dip my calloused fingers into the keys and let them wander around, words dribbling across the screen, reminding me that writing — at least at this basic level — has not abandoned me altogether. Neglected for so long, it’s a wonder!

For two and a half years essentially all of my productive output was eclipsed by home renovation. A scary admission, to be sure, but more easily voiced now that I’ve reemerged, now that I’m struggling back into the mainstream. Ever since January my wife and I have been concentrating on closure, whether finishing furnishing and hanging art or threatening legal recourse for contractors who’ve still failed to complete aspects of their work. And it’s working. Work has morphed into home. The beehive of tradesmen are gone, and a sun filled, almost finished home is ours to enjoy.

A bit uncanny that my last posting, “Hear a Little Music, Read a Little Poetry” is what we’ve been relearning lately. Time to slow down and savor the fruits of our labors. Sounds remotely dishonest to claim that we’ve had to relearn this, but it’s actually true. De-programming the habits we adapted to survive. Part of my unwinding will be a return to virtualDavis and e-Marginalia as well as several other new projects that I’ll share soon. Aaahhh… Glad to be back!