Vooks: Beyond the Printed Page

It’s a dizzying experience, reading Vooks. But they represent just a few examples of a new genre that has been alternatively dubbed v-books, digi-books, multimedia books and Cydecks, all with essentially the same concept: It’s a book… but wait, there’s more! […] Is a hybrid book our future? Maybe. “As discourse moves from printed pages to network screens, the dominant mode will be things that are multi-modal and multilayered,” says Bob Stein, founder of the Institute for the Future of the Book. “The age of pure linear content is going to pass with the rise of digital network content.” (Washington Post)

The Washington Post’s Monica Hesse asks, if book publishing is moving “beyond the printed page to multisensory experience, what about reading?” I just completed a feedback survey for vook.com after purchasing and reading Gary Vayverchuk’s Crush It! They’re asking lots of questions to try to understand some of the same issues this article explores. The market will decide, and so many exciting new storytelling techniques will evolve in the process.

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