Save Yourself, Save the Industry

“I hope by now the whole question of ‘should I self produce/publish my work’ has been settled. Of course you should. Is there a catch? Of course there is.” (Adam Thurman, January 27, 2010, Mission Paradox)

“Great companies, great entrepreneurs [sic], force industries to change. The best way for you to create a better, fairer, more robust theatre/visual arts/dance/indie film world is by building your own thing and building it well. Your success will put pressure on the rest of the field. They will change because you and your fellow entrepreneurs have left them no other choice.” (Adam Thurman, January 27, 2010, Mission Paradox)

Some unfettered wisdom about self publishing from Adam Thurman over at Mission Paradox (via@chriscasquilho) that reminds me of Gary Vaynerchuk’s (@garyvee) Crush It!