Jeff Bezos Doesn’t Want You to Know 5 Kindle Pitfalls

This is a good counterpoint to the flood of Amazon-awed Kindle points that I and many others have been sharing in recent months. I don’t know how accurate these claims are, but I admit that I’ve shied away from buying a Kindle so far because my “test drives” have left me wanting further improvements before I take the leap. These five claims are worth exploring:

  1. You read slower on a Kindle.
  2. You almost certainly read stupider on a Kindle.
  3. The Kindle flunked out of Princeton.
  4. Amazon can play Big Brother with your books.
  5. Governments can play Big Brother with your books.

(“Five Things Jeff Bezos Doesn’t Want You to Know”,Regulator Bookshop)

There are interesting articles and test results cited to substantiate these claims, but I wonder about your experience with Kindle. Do you read slower with a Kindle? Less inteligently? Are you worried about Amazon of the Fed snooping (and potentially censoring) your reading list?

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