e-Book Sales Almost Quadruple from Last Year


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If your head is still spinning after 2009’s triple digit growth rate, you’ll need a clamp to steady your skull when you read that January 2010 e-book sales posted a nearly 370% jump over the same month in 2009, according to the International Digital Publishing Forum and the Association of American Publishers. The numbers are $31,900,000 for January ’10 compared to $8,800,000 for January ’09. January was also the biggest e-sales month ever, and it wasn’t even close. The biggest month to date was December ’09 at $19,100,000. (booktrade.info)

Hat tip to http://twitter.com/iainbroome for the link to this upbeat news.

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  1. Interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  2. virtualDavis says:

    This is actually last year’s data. The post got out of sync while migrating the blog from Drupal to WordPress. But the new figures may already be available, and I suspect that the update will continue to be as dramatic as the dated news!

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