What’s The Point?

I’ve just discovered The Point, a clever web-based platform for social action, fundraising, group action. I haven’t tried it yet, but I plan to. Here’s the mission: “As a consumer, employee, citizen, activist, parent, or whatever, sometimes you can’t do things alone – you need the power of many. The Point offers a new approach to leveraging the influence of groups and making things happen.”

And here’s how founder Andrew Mason describes why (and how) The Point is for people like you: “[The Point is] a site where anyone can start a campaign to give money or collectively do something but nobody takes action until certain present conditions are met that let everybody know that their participation is really going to make a difference.”

Sounds like a great concept! Perhaps overlapping somewhat with Fundable.com which is next on my “Check it out!” list. Do you have experience with either of these?