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Wong Fook Hing Book Store

This was simply too, too good to send off to the recycling bin without sharing the chuckle. If you’ve spent time in China — and maybe even if you haven’t — you’ll appreciate an email that was forwarded to me today. It’s one of those *clever* dispatches that asks you to read something and then scroll down until an image appears. So, some of the lead-up vanishes here, but the image says it all.

“If you can’t find the book you want, you’re probably shopping at the…” 

Wong Fook Hing Bookstore


Twitter Overload


Twitter OverloadHmmm… Bad karma? Coincidence? A bit uncanny that the same afternoon I chose to join the mad tweeting crowd the system got bogged down. Here’s the message that greeted me this evening:

“Twitter is over capacity. Too many tweets! Please wait a moment and try again.”

Uh-oh! And a moment later I tried again. Still the little twitter birds were hauling the whale over tossing seas. And again a moment after that. The blurring was a cross between seasickness and a gentle, prolonged belly laugh. I can explain neither.

Now — a leisurely shower later — the system seems to have restored itself. For now.

An Apple a Day

Spent several hours at Shelburne Orchards yesterday with bride, dog and friends. Actually, we were supposed to be at Champlain Orchards for the Harvest Celebration with food and live music, but I botched the plans. Somehow had it in my head that the event was at Shelburne Orchards instead and had everyone ride across on the ferry and meet just up the road from Charlotte instead of heading down to Shoreham.

Nick Cowle's super pie


Needless to say, there was plenty of food, sunshine and fun to be had and we enjoyed ourselves despite my brain sabbatical. The eating was great! I had a pork sausage with grilled peppers and onions with cider and some of Susan’s pumpkin soup. And for dessert, a delicious twist on apple crisp called Apple Betty, and described to me by the girl carrying the pie in the photo as, “All the comfort, with none of the committment.” For some reason the name One-Eyed Betty lodged in my brain… And that pie? Enormous. A couple of feet across at least! With a nifty old pickup parading across the crust. (FYI, the red clad pie carrier is Nick Cowles, owner/operator of Shelburne Orchards.)

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