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Audio, Video and Photo Procrastination

Another pea soup day in NYC. A super productive 16 hr. day yesterday seems to have prompted a backlash today. A little too much procrastination, but what better time to update the blog?!?!

Glad to see that the October 18th entry on my homepage is once again making the successful link to two spirit-lifting, buttock-waggling audio and visual treats. If you haven’t visited yet, seize the momentum before inertia or techno-gremlins interfere. For a while they weren’t loading and the main site they derive from (see the entry for details) was offline or maxing-out its bandwidth or, well, or something else… A new link today, for a different flavor of soul raising, was discovered by my mother and forwarded. Visit Lo, How a Rose e’er Blooming or just go to the Oremus Hymnal homepage and search for one of your own. I’m no goddie, but this is cool, no? And, before slipping back into the ether, check out for another blogger who’s managed a pretty slick interface for the curious voyeur. Apparently he’s a friend of Beth, the woman behind The North Carolina Experiment and The Study of Design. Of primary interest is his video blog, an idea that appeals to me and that I’ve tried to figure out an easy way to experiment with. So far, no dice. The downloads are slow and I can’t find a reasonably efficient way to upload, update, present, etc.

A few experiments that are online, but which remain painfully slow for visitors to access are The Pompidou FountainLes Halles Juggler, and Les Halles Musicians. Well, how’s that for a link-heavy blog? Cheers!

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